All Eyes On: Julie

Julie has been VP of Planning and Allocation here at Laura Canada for two and a half years. We recently asked her a few questions about her role with our team, her plans for 2020, and more. Hi Julie! Can you tell us about your role as VP of Planning and Allocation? Simply put, I’m…

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Holiday Home Styling with Korrinne

When it comes to home décor, Korrinne is your go-to pro. Passionate about everything stylish, she gives us an inside look into how she chooses unique pieces to decorate her home for the holidays. Every year, Korrinne likes to spread the Christmas cheer by festively decorating her home to the nines. As she always tells…

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Laura Canada - All Eyes On: Joey

All Eyes On: Joey

No stranger to juggling a full-time schedule, Joey, the marketing creative manager at Laura Canada, also makes sure to prioritize fatherhood. He feels most in his element when he is in the middle of a creative collaboration with his colleagues. What does a marketing creative manager do? It’s really about managing a team of creative…

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Linda, Store Manager - Our People - Laura Canada

All Eyes On: Linda

A manager for the Laura store in the Champlain Mall, located in Montreal, Linda puts her well-being, and the well-being of her clients, first. She will speak to us about what motivated her to join the world of retail and adopt a vegan lifestyle. Hi Linda, to start, why did you want to work for…

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Picture of Carmela

All Eyes On: Carmela

Carmela has been a part of the team at Laura Canada for over twenty years. Now, she discusses her responsibilities as director of development, and shares her proudest moments. Hello Carmela, you’ve been with Laura Canada for over 23 years! Congratulations! Can you explain what the director of development does for the company? The role…

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All Eyes On: Peter

Peter has been the head of the accounting and payroll team at Laura Canada’s head office for the past three years. We recently asked him a few questions about what his role entails. Hello Peter, can you explain what your position is at Laura Canada? As the senior payroll and accounting manager, I’m in charge…

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Antonella, Doting Mom & Human Resources Expert

Antonella, health and safety specialist at Laura Canada, has worked at the Canadian retailer for over a decade. Despite a full schedule, this nurturing mother of two finds ample time to spend with her family and play her favourite sports. Hello, Antonella. You’ve been part of Laura Canada’s human resources (HR) department for over 10…

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All Eyes On: Gaétane

Gaétane, the e-commerce project specialist at Laura Canada, is a nature lover and avid traveller. With a hands-on approach to everything she does and an eye for detail, she’s also fallen in love with photography. Hi Gaétane, can you tell us about yourself? I was born in France and lived in Senegal for most of…

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All Eyes On: Andrea

After a cup of coffee, Andrea is ready for a full day of juggling creative projects at Laura Canada. Over the past year, she has challenged herself to work with different elements of video and design. What is your role at Laura Canada? Take us through a typical day. My usual day starts with a…

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